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Welcome to Intentional Chiropractic & Wellness!

We are a movement based mobile chiropractic clinic serving Volusia County. 

Our goal is to help active individuals struggling with chronic hip or knee pain with injury recovery + prevention so that they can get back to the activities they love. 


We strive to create a high quality healthcare experience that is enjoyable, gives you the answers you deserve, + helps you heal + recover from your injuries or chronic pain without surgery or medication.


Dr. Sarah has worked with:

  • Professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, and MLB

  • Collegiate + high school competitive athletes 

  • Elite powerlifters + bodybuilders

And we are bringing the same approach to healing, recovery, and injury prevention to you - because we believe that you don't have to be an elite athlete to be treated like one. 

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Dr. Sarah Sullivan

Owner + Chiropractor

Hi - I'm Dr. Sarah! I'm a chiropractor that is passionate about helping active individuals understand + manage their chronic hip or knee pain. 


Originally I wanted to go to physical therapy school after I received my Sport + Exercise Science bachelor's degree from UCF, however my life took a turn and led me down a different path. While I was in school I started to develop debilitating headaches and neck pain from the increased sitting during class and long study hours.


It was recommended that I go see a chiropractor, and it was the best decision I made! The adjustments and therapies helped my neck pain + headaches significantly after seeking treatment consistently for a few weeks. I quickly learned that this would be an awesome way to help others heal and it's why I became a chiropractor.


Now, I combine chiropractic care with movement and exercise to get quicker + longer lasting results!


Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida

Doctor of Chiropractic

University of Central Florida

Bachelor of Science in Sport & Exercise Science


Want the full story?

From a young age, I always enjoyed playing various sports + living an active lifestyle. I even played a year of division II volleyball. However, although I was super active, I would periodically deal with severe knee pain, and in more recent years hip pain + lower back pain.


I manage a condition called Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome aka Runner's Knee, which is basically a fancy term for knee pain.


Before I was a chiropractor I was constantly dealing with severe knee pain in the front of my knee while squatting or doing lunges, and it was super frustrating because I would literally just have to stop my entire workout and either go home or do something else entirely. Not only that but I would feel it just getting up from the couch or getting out of my car.

I didn't understand how to manage it + I certainly didn't understand how to correct it with rehab exercises or mobility drills. 

Fast forward to now - depending on how consistent I am with doing my exercises, I can typically do most things without dealing with the pain. Are there still days I deal with the pain? Absolutely - however, the pain is typically not as bad if I experience it and as soon as I work on certain movements and exercises the pain goes away.

I tell you all of this to not only let you know that I understand what you are dealing with, but to also leave you with some encouragement - there is a light at the end of the chronic knee or hip pain tunnel!

How Intentional Chiropractic & Wellness Is Different

Dr. Sarah strives to provide a high quality healthcare experience by listening to all of your concerns and empowering you with information about your injury + chronic pain so that you can be led down a brighter path moving forward.

We hold our emotions and suppressed traumatic memories within our physical body, and it manifests as pain, tightness, and even other more serious illnesses + health conditions. Many people are constantly searching for the next best supplement, exercise, stretch, etc., that will help their pain or health problems disappear.


However, the answer to this search lies within. By looking within and an intention for true change in your life, you can start to work on healing your body by balancing your mind, body and spirit. 

Dr. Sarah's intention during every visit comes from a place of heart centered healing to fit your specific needs so that you can get back to doing what you love. 


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